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Rubber flooring

The Rubber flooring is made from SBR and EPDM granules. They are produces in different sizes, and self-leveling. They are used for playgrounds, tennis, basketball, handball, volleyball playgrounds, pedestrian and bicycle lanes, outdoor terraces and garages, courtyards, gardens, closed sports centers, fitness halls and more. Applied on cement or asphalt surfaces. The benefits of these pavements are that it relieves the ankles and muscles load, elastic, non-slip, with UV protection, easy to maintain.


Anti-vibration mat 400х400х20

  • Sports rubber flooring.
  • Eco product from recycled granules.
  • Wide application for security and improvement (playgrounds and corners, sports centers, fitness and yoga halls).
  • Robust and non-slip surface even when wet.
  • Protect against impact and abrasion.
  • Easy installation without the need for glue.
  • Without smell.
  • Made in EU.
Price excl. tax:€17.90
Price inc. tax:€21.47

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Anti-vibration washing machine mat

Elastic ten millimeter pad to isolate noise and absorb vibrations from machines up to 100kg. Ideal for use under washing machines, dishwashers, fitness equipment and other vibrating equipment that produces noise and vibration. The new, advanced anti-vibration pad is specially manufactured to absorb vibrations when used under vibrating machines, isolating them from the floor. The pad is 10 mm thick. and is easy to cut with a pattern knife, hacksaw or saw. For heavier machines and to achieve better insulation, two pads can be placed one on top of the other.A thin chipboard or MDF board can be placed on top of the anti-vibration pad to evenly distribute the load on the unit and increase efficiency. The appliance and the pad must be placed so that they are not in contact with the walls, so that the vibrations are not transmitted. The anti-vibration pad is also often used under bass speakers, dryers, home theater subwoofers, trampolines, etc.
Price excl. tax:€7.67
Price inc. tax:€9.20

In stock

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